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Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2002 - 7:36 pm

Name: Erin
Age: 20

It's been more than a year since I've written this biography. When I wrote it I was 19 years old, in college full-time, and had just begun a relationship with my boyfriend, Tyler, several months before. My dad was diagnosed with cancer, and they said that he could die "any day now." My parents and brother were still living in the house that I spent high school in, and they still had our dog Mugsy. I had just moved in with a couple of my friends, out of the dorms, and into an apartment. I thought I wanted to be a high school science teacher, and I was considering a path of eclectic paganism, because at the time this all made sense.

Of course things have changed since then. A year later and bit later, I am a few months away from being eligible to graduate, albeit before I am legally allowed to celibrate. My parents and brother have sold the house they lived in and moved to a condo not too far away from where they used to live. My brother is in high school, and now my dad really is about to die "any day now." I have just finished a six month lease with my boyfriend Tyler in a great apartment complex, and am no longer really speaking with the two girls who I once considered friends and roomies. I have joined the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, and am catching up slowly but surely with my cousin Meghan, who I grew up with and think of as a sister. Mugsy is now with another family, but I have a great kitty named Jonny (who unfortunately has fleas and loves to use his claws on us). My job has changed twice, from library aid, to parking booth attendant and van driver, and now to cashier/barista/stocker, a job that I am enjoying much more than I would have expected.

My future is still on uncertain grounds, although I'm getting a clearer and clearer idea every day. Tyler is encouraging me to go ahead and get my second bachelor's degree. I want to, to prove to myself that I can live up to my own standards, as well as to prepare better for a Master's in something, probably education. Before I do this, of course, I need to either turn 24 or get married if I want to be able to afford it independantly of my parents. Chances are the getting married will come first.

I also want a job that will afford me the time to write, to think, to breath. This will also come, I'm sure. I've since reconsidered my job potential and am thinking about being a high school guidance counselor. I could do it. And it would be the sort of schedule I need. I could work in an environment that I love, doing a job that could make me feel the way I want to feel. I would have to potential opportunity to change kids lives for the better. This is what I was born to do. Whatever the career, it will be in education, at least for part of my life.

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