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Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2003 - 6:41 pm
Copyright, design issues, etc.

I figured it's about time that I go ahead and write one of these things. There are a number of topics that I think are relatively important, if only to avoid unnessecary conflict.

The first is copyright stuff. Honestly, I don't really care if you take some of the layouts. I would rather you learn how to write your own HTML, though, or at the very least e-mail me and let me know that you're using them. If you do steal my layouts, though, at the very least give me credit for them.

As for the content, the pictures generally aren't mine. The current one (man in Venice, walking down a street, flowers, etc.) is not mine. I picked it up off of a stock photos website, but please notice that there's a copyright mark in the lower right-hand corner. This man's website has been brought to my attention by Sprhrgrl. It is http://philip.greenspun.com and his copyright notice is here.

The content I do copyright. It's silly to steal someone's journal entries, don't you think? I mean really, my life can't be interesting enough to steal, is it?

As for how I make my pages, generally regular old Notepad works for me. When I'm feeling fancy and a teensy bit more complicated I use Coffee Cup HTML editor. It's fairly good, although I'm sure I would like it better if I bought the full version instead of using the demo.

I also tend to use a variety of photo/image editing software, none of it paid for. So my images tend to be pretty simple, as are my layouts. (But really, who needs complicated layouts? A layout doesn't have to be complicated to be good.)

I also tend to design my pages around a 1024 x 768 screen size. They are genreally pretty convertable to smaller sizes, and almost always work in larger sizes (although the font size doesn't always convert well going larger in screen size). I design using a Windows platform and Internet Explorer. I try to make my designs work in a variety of web browsers, but I'm not perfect, so don't expect too much of me. Especially when it comes to getting tables to work in Opera and Mozilla. Usually Netscape likes me pretty well though.

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