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Sunday, May. 25, 2003 - 7:08 pm
creepy voyeuristic lj

I have officially decided that livejournal creeps me out. I checked the away message of a friend of mine that I haven't seen or heard from in a long time to see what he was up to because sometimes he'll put up his away message if he just went down the hall or something is supposed to be back in a few minutes or something.

Well, in his profile that also pops up underneath the away message, was a link to his livejournal. Having nothing to do and wanting to know what he was up to, and pretty much being handed the invitation to read, I read. Well, I have time to kill, so I look at his friends page, and it just goes from there. I found the livejournals of a bunch of people I knew way back when and a couple of people that I'm likely going to be seeing tomorrow night at my majority service for IORG.

It just makes me feel strangely voyeuristic. I keep telling myself to stop visiting livejournal, because every time I do I learn something about someone that I really didn't want or expect to find out.

Also, it just makes me feel so out of the loop.

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