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Saturday, Jul. 06, 2002 - 5:44 pm
Old Layouts

Here are some snaps of some of my older layouts that I used. It is by far not a complete list and I don't have specific dates for any of these, but they are in order of creation.

I really liked this layout, but something about the header color didn't want to work out too well. The images in the layout in general didn't really want to cooperate. I guess computers don't like powder blue...

This my red phase. I still have my desktop set up with the original stock photo that this was designed around. I really liked this one, but again, certain browsers didn't like this. So...

... I made this one. I really did prefer the first one though.

Mmmm.... My last layout. I loved it while it lasted. But then I got tired of all of the green.

I thought this was a really pretty one. I loved the picture that this was designed around, but after awhile the text-box just felt really restricting and contributed heavily to feeling of claustriphobia.

This isn't a good screenshot of this layout. I ended up making this one most recently, and at first it felt serene, and perfect for winter. But it's not winter anymore, so now it's just drab and boring.

which brings you up to date on my layouts.

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