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Tuesday, Apr. 09, 2002 - 6:50 pm
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Created: 4.9.02
Last updated: 7.17.03

I know it can get a little confusing reading someone else's journal and not knowing who they're talking about, so I put together this little list for you. It's not really in any specific order, nor is it comprehensive or always an accurate representation about how I feel about someone at any given moment (hence the need to update more regularly than I actually do).

Tyler: This is my boyfriend. We live together. Occasionally there is talk of marriage, but it's a touchy issue.

Josh: My little brother. He's fourteen and not so little. Very angsty though.

Greg: My last boyfriend. We talk occasionally. I remain distant, but not because he's a bad person. It's just awkward.

John: A friend of mine from high school. We actually have managed to keep in touch. He's really the only one.

Kim: Originally a friend of Tyler's from class. We have German together. She gave me my cat.

Johnny the king: Had to mention him. Cat-lovers like me are annoying aren't we? But really, he's an incredibly fascinating creature to watch.

My Mother: She's a saint. Right up there with Mother Theresa. Between keeping my father alive, my brother in one piece, and providing me with endless recipes and advice, I wonder how she manages not to fall apart. Where is her breaking point?

My Father: The source of a great deal of my angst these days. He's stopping chemo, which wouldn't have kept him alive anyhow. He drank himself out of a liver, and did it so thoroughly that he's not even eligible for a transplant. There are moments when "I told you so" is something that makes my tongue itch so badly that I'm very glad I don't live with them anymore.

Dewey: Tyler's father. Also a drunk. But dry for 18 years now. Very friendly, but irritatingly old-fashioned. Me not being the sort of girl who takes it laying down, he gets on my nerves at times.

Dottie: Tyler's mother. Drunk too. Also dry for 20-some years. We get along fabulously. She makes me believe in things that I sometimes don't want to. She also makes me open up about things that I sometimes don't want to. Very close to being a second mother to me.

Bob: Tyler's step-father. Yep, you guessed it. Also a dry drunk. Also on the Atkins diet. Very successfully too. Stubborn and (at least, I'm told) very homophobic, but nevertheless still just a big teddy-bear. He's very shy, and like Tyler, has a nice soft beard and demeanor. You really can't dislike this guy.

Kelsey: Tyler sister. Moved to Utah. Going through 18-year-old independance angst. She's great.

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